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Продажа платформа


Продажа платформа

Specifications HA16 RTJ

In recent years the design attention Haulotte often focused to improve and facilitate the maintenance of platforms. In new platforms Articulated HA16 RTJ, Haulotte introduces some design features particularly interesting, innovative and fundamental for operators.
Access to the components of ordinary and periodic maintenance and simplified, directly all components are easily accessible. This allows speeding up the routine maintenance of oil and fuel filters, oil levels, water tank radiator and alternator.
A complete and immediate control of the platform is possible via the new diagnostic tool "Haulotte Diag", which simply allows to have a global view of any anomalies or preblemi Platform

Security Platform

Haulotte Group has always given much importance to improving the safety and comfort for the operator in the use of machines.
In the new models the HA16 RTJ uses the new engine Kubota variable speed halves the noise levels and reduced fuel consumption by 15%.
Thanks to an exclusive auxiliary safety device patented ACTIV'Shield Bar, was reduced the risk of crushing while ensuring excellent productivity ,.
ACTIV'Shield Bar is standard on models HA16 RTJ Pro in Europe and is available as an option on RTJ RTJ and O.
All platforms Haulotte comply with the latest requirements set by the standards of safety, national, European and international standards (EN 280, ANSI, CSA, AS, etc.).

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