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Sbarbaro Noleggi

We're back here to talk to you about another one of our advertiser.
Today we move in Liguria, more precisely in Chiavari where there Sbarbaro Noleggi , a company that mainly deals with rental of aerial platforms of any altezza.

The Sbarbaro Noleggi was founded in 1990 as a transport company in the civil field in Liguria, carrying platform (self-propelled, scissors, ..) excavators, mini excavators, forklifts.

Over the years the company has grown Sbarbaro Noleggi  and currently is the leader in the rental of aerial work platforms in the eastern Liguria, of course, the company has been established for the sale of used machines as used platforms, excavators and mini excavator and forklift used.

The activities of rental platforms is still at the base of the company and hires can be ordered with or without operator.
All their cars comply with the regulations on safety and are then all tested annually by the ARPAL charge.

The Sbarbaro Noleggi  also organizes courses on demand for operators of aerial work platforms, construction and another with its release of a certificate by external consultants enabled.

The experience and expertise of the operators of Sbarbaro Noleggi can satisfy the various demands of customers Chavari and Tigullio.

Do not hesitate to contact them, they will be pleased to advise the right medium for your work.

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